Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Note to Parents

Hello!  Just a note to say that with the advent of Google Classroom, we have moved our class' on-line focus to that forum.  Google Classroom allows teachers to post announcements and assignments, and students can submit homework directly to the site.  One of the only drawbacks, however, is that it has to be accessed using your child's access code.  If you are interested in seeing what we are up to in English class, please ask your child to share his or her class code with you.

We may still use this blog for other class-related purposes, but it will not be our primary site.

Thank you!

Jessica Smetana

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Welcome to your English class website!

Your class website/blog will have several uses this year: you can use it to check homework assignments, find links to helpful resources, and connect and converse with other members of the class.

Sometimes, I will ask you to post a comment here about a text or idea we've discussed in class.

I will keep you posted as the site evolves, and I welcome your feedback as to how it can be most useful to you.

Please find the link to your class' site over on the right.

I am looking forward to our year!

Ms. Smetana